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    Pre-Owned Vehicle Specials in Fort Worth, TX

    If you’re looking to buy your next vehicle, you’ve likely come across the same question that every other buyer has faced — should you buy a new car or a pre-owned one? There’s no one correct answer, as it mostly depends on your unique situation. However, there are some significant benefits to buying a used car over a new one that you may want to consider. Check out the benefits below, along with ways to save even more on your next used car purchase.

    Benefits of Buying a Used Car

    While there are many benefits to buying a used car rather than a new one, some of the best include:


    The primary benefit to buying a used car compared to a new one is the value of the vehicle. Vehicles depreciate, or lose value, over time and as they accumulate miles. In fact, the second a new car goes off the lot, it starts to lose its value. When you go to purchase your next vehicle, you want to think not about the total value of the vehicle but how much value you’re going to get out of it.

    For example, if you plan on owning your next vehicle for only another five years, you can find plenty of used cars that will last that long. By going with a used vehicle, you’re still getting a vehicle for the same amount of time but at a significantly lower price. 

    Quicker Loan Payoff

    The value to you improves even further if you pay off the car early. This is much easier to do for a used vehicle, as the value of the loan is a lot lower. If you finish your loan payments, you won’t have to worry about that monthly bill any longer. Then you will be essentially driving your car for free, and the longer you drive it, the more value you get out of it.

    Lower Insurance Rates

    The value of your vehicle also impacts your auto insurance rates. The more expensive your vehicle, the more you’ll likely have to pay to insure it. Auto insurance is an important factor in the total cost of owning a vehicle and one you can’t afford to ignore. By getting a less expensive vehicle, you can save yourself a considerable amount of money on insurance fees over the lifetime of the car.

    Available Options

    The third benefit of browsing pre-owned vehicles rather than new ones is the number of options available to you. New car buyers have only the latest models to choose from. And if the model they want is particularly popular, they may have trouble finding it in stock anywhere.

    This is not the case with pre-owned vehicles, however. By choosing to get a used car, you can choose from practically any car that’s been produced in the past decade or longer. Best of all, dealerships are constantly getting in new inventory, meaning that if there are no used vehicles available that you like, all you likely have to do is wait a little while and one will appear.

    How To Save Even More on Pre-Owned Vehicles

    Going with a pre-owned vehicle rather than a new one is a great way to save money. However, there are some ways you can make your next vehicle purchase even more affordable.

    For starters, you’ll want to choose the right dealer. Look for a dealer that has a strong reputation and offers reasonable prices. You should be able to browse the inventory online and see the prices of the vehicles. Also, make sure you work with dealerships that are able to provide full vehicle histories on any car you’re considering. It’s important that you know all the details of your vehicle before you buy so you don’t get any unfortunate surprises.

    Next, look for special pre-owned vehicle discounts. For example, Hiley Mazda of Fort Worth has regular sales specials on some of our select used vehicles. By choosing to take advantage of one of our sales specials, you not only get a great vehicle but also get it at an even more affordable price than usual.

    Finally, talk to the dealership about any remaining warranties on the vehicle. Warranties protect important parts of the vehicle and can guard against costly repairs. For example, some manufacturers provide extended warranties on certified pre-owned vehicles that protect against major repairs to systems such as the powertrain. Car repairs are an important element to consider when calculating the total cost of owning a vehicle, so if you can avoid those repairs through a warranty, you’ll be a lot better off.

    Find the Perfect Pre-Owned Vehicle in Fort Worth

    If you’re interested in getting a pre-owned vehicle, you’ve come to the right place. Hiley Mazda has a wide selection of used vehicles available, and our inventory is always being updated. You can easily browse our current inventory and see what we have available. If you find something you like, please contact us. We’d love to schedule a time for you to visit our dealership and take a closer look at the vehicle you’ve found. We can then take you out for a test drive and answer any questions you may have.

    Of course, before you settle on any vehicle, be sure to check out our current used car specials. We offer some great discounts, and you may even see the car you’re interested in. We at Hiley Mazda look to do everything we can to provide you with an affordable vehicle, and our rotating sales specials are just one example of this.

    Buying a used vehicle from Hiley Mazda in Fort Worth is a great way to not only save a lot of money on your next vehicle purchase but also end up with a reliable and safe vehicle. We professionally inspect each of our vehicles and ensure they are in the best possible condition before selling them. If you have any questions for us, please feel free to contact us at any time and we’ll do what we can to assist you.


    As always, contact us today with any questions or to get started on purchasing your next vehicle!

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