Taking care of your vehicle is important, and this includes regular service appointments. By ensuring your car gets routine maintenance from professional technicians, you can ensure its longevity and protect all its key functions and features. Our service and parts financing page can be an outstanding resource for you to use to determine which services you need and how to pay for them.

With a spectacular team of finance professionals, we’re ready to help you schedule your service while ensuring you get the best deal possible. Here’s some more information about all the perks of making a service appointment at Hiley Mazda of Fort Worth, Texas. Schedule a Mazda service appointment today, or If you have any questions give us a call at (817) 663-7404.

Flexible Service Financing Options Available In Fort Worth, TX

One of the greatest benefits of taking your vehicle for service appointments at our dealership is the variety of flexible financing options that we offer. Our finance team has several plans and programs that you can apply to service appointments and genuine parts for your car. Using our services, you can choose from multiple payment plans and even design your own to ensure the price of your services meets your budget, so you won’t have to sacrifice the work your car needs based on cost.

You can even use our online tool to calculate how much you can afford to pay and alert our dealership that you’ll be on the way when you’re ready. All you need to do is enter your personal details to view all the options for your monthly payment, then select the plan you want to enroll in. We’ll get a notification about your approved payment plan and will be ready to walk you through your purchase when you arrive.

Benefits of Service Financing In Fort Worth, TX

There are countless benefits to financing your vehicle’s service, such as reducing the financial stress of repairing your car. We know that unexpected repairs can be a source of panic, and our financing team is here to help you conquer the financial aspect of these important appointments. By financing your service, you can make sure all essential maintenance gets done on time and avoid delaying key repairs due to their cost. This can protect your vehicle from unnecessary wear and damage, ensuring it drives perfectly for as long as possible.

Genuine Parts Assurance

At Hiley Mazda of Fort Worth, we pride ourselves on only using genuine parts for replacements and vehicle repairs. This ensures the durability of every part you purchase as well as its compatibility with your specific vehicle. Spending money on a part only to find that it doesn’t fit your car can be exceptionally frustrating, which is why our team puts extra care into making sure we get the right genuine parts for your repairs.

Another benefit to using genuine parts is that it can maintain your vehicle’s warranty, so you’ll keep the coverage you secure at the time of purchase. Whatever part you need, our team can guide you and install it professionally.

Peace of Mind

Your peace of mind is important to us, and that’s why we offer service and parts financing. When you can schedule services or order parts using a payment plan, you can rest assured that your repairs will get done professionally, and you won’t break the bank. Your savings won’t have to suffer in the name of repairs, and you can relax knowing your car is in great hands.

You can also enjoy additional benefits, such as extended warranties that protect your vehicle even longer. We also provide complimentary services in addition to financing, such as our online payment calculator, which you can use to determine the exact payment you might have when buying a vehicle.

Streamlined Application Process

There’s almost nothing easier than applying for financing with Hiley Mazda of Fort Worth. We use an easy online application portal that prompts you to enter your information and then sends your form to one of our finance experts to review. With the application living online, you can apply for financing quickly and from the comfort of your own home. You can also call our finance department if you’d like additional help when applying, and our team will be happy to assist you in streamlining your application process.

Financing Eligibility

When you apply for financing with Hiley Mazda of Fort Worth, there are a few eligibility requirements that our team will evaluate before booking your service. These include checking your credit score and verifying your income amount. However, we consider all credit types at our dealership, so don’t worry if your credit score is low. You can still apply for financing with us, and our team of experts will work with you to determine the best payment options. Once you finish your application, you’ll typically get approved the same day, as our approval times are always fairly rapid.

Expert Service and Support

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At Hiley Mazda of Fort Worth, we pride ourselves in maintaining an outstanding finance team who can help customers in any circumstance. Each member of our team has specialized expertise that they use to help customers with questions about financing and application submissions. On our website, you can also learn more about our finance and service staff  and contact them directly by phone or email. You can rest easy knowing you’ll receive exceptional customer service and assistance throughout every step of the financing process.

Promotional Financing Offers

Aside from being able to finance your service with us, you’ll also get access to all our dealership’s special offers. We currently have a wide array of special offers for different types of service appointments and parts, so you’ll be able to get a great deal on your repairs. We even have promotional financing offers, so you can ask our team about these and other incentives that you can reap the benefits of when financing with us. Don’t wait to take advantage of these savings opportunities, as some of them are only available for a limited time.

Service Your Vehicle at Hiley Mazda of Fort Worth

You can take advantage of all these benefits, including promotional financing offers and genuine parts assurance, when you bring your vehicle in for service at Hiley Mazda of Fort Worth, Texas. Explore all our financing options and service offerings, and we’re sure you’ll find that we offer what you need. Is your car in need of a service appointment or tuneup? Visit us and let our team get your vehicle back up and running. You can also contact us directly to speak with our financing department and relax while we set up an appointment for you.