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Original equipment tires available from Hiley Mazda of Fort Worth keep your vehicle performing at its best


Ride quality and performance largely on your tires, and not all tires are created equally. Every original equipment tire has been rated by Mazda to be the best available for your specific model and driving needs. Whether you need all-season or all-terrain tires, your Mazda Dealer will find the right tires for you.


Either you or your Mazda technician should inspect them for damage, uneven wear and tire pressure.



This will ensure even tread wear and help them last longer.



The benefits of tire maintenance go beyond a smooth, safe drive-it will help reduce wear and tear on suspension parts, and extend the life of your vehicle.



The tread on your tires can tell you more than how many miles you’ve logged. Worn tires should be replaced when the tires' tread-wear bar meets the tread. Have your tires inspected regularly and do not drive on a damaged tire or wheel. Visit your authorized Mazda Dealer for a Full Circle Service inspection to check the wear of your tires for your safety and to maintain your vehicle’s best performance.

Note: Measure tread depth away from the tread-wear bar.


Driving on bald or worn-out tires can make driving unsafe on Fort Worth roads, so it’s important to be mindful of the depth of your tire treads. Rather than having to deal with changing a flat tire, take preventative measures and learn how to monitor tire tread depth courtesey of Hiley Mazda of Fort Worth!

Please refer to your tire warranty guide for additional information.

The Penny Test

Tread depth is measured in 32nds of an inch. Tread depth on new tires typically measures 10/32 inches or 11/32 inches (about a third of an inch), while trucks, SUVs, or winter tires may have deeper treads. When tires reach 2/32 inches, the U.S. Department of Transportation recommends replacing them.

To check whether you’ve hit the 2/32-inch mark, use the penny test as follows:

  • Place a penny in a tire tread groove with Lincoln’s head face first in the groove.
  • Check if Lincoln’s face on the penny disappears between the grooves.
  • If it does, your tread is still above 2/32 inches. If you can see all of Lincoln’s face, it’s time to replace your tire.
  • Make sure to repeat with all tires and in various places in each tire.
The Penny Test


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The service team at your Mazda Dealer has been factory-trained to provide you with exceptional service and ensure your vehicle is performing at its best. Mazda Full Circle Service dealerships use Genuine Mazda Parts and equipment to make sure your Mazda receives the finest care possible.

Mazda service merges speed and quality to offer you even greater value and convenience. Our precision service system expedites the maintenance process, providing a seamless experience that allows you and your vehicle to get back on the road as quickly as possible.


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As a driver, it’s important that you dedicate some of your time toward inspecting and maintaining your vehicle. Over time, various systems that help your car operate can deteriorate, such as your brakes, engine, and tires. When these systems fail, you can put yourself and others on the road at risk. Scheduling regular inspections and service at your Mazda dealership is the best way to guarantee that your vehicle can operate at its highest capacity for performance, safety, and convenience.

At Hiley Mazda of Fort Worth, we’re dedicated to helping our loyal customers upkeep their Mazda vehicles and enjoy them for years to come. One essential component to maintain is your tires. Read on to learn about our tire center, including the different services we offer, the common signs you’re in need of a tire service, and how to schedule a tire inspection, alignment, rotation, change, or repair the next time you suspect you’re in need of professional service.

Tire Service in Fort Worth, Texas

When you service your vehicle at Hiley Mazda of Fort Worth, you can feel confident that you’re receiving the best attention possible, as all of our technicians have factory training specifically for Mazda vehicles. We use original equipment from the manufacturer to ensure that every part of your Mazda can operate exactly as intended. Every original tire we sell has a rating, proving it to be the best option for your specific Mazda model. That’s why we recommend all Mazda owners buy their tires directly from a Mazda Tire Center.

Our expert technicians can also consider your driving needs to make informed decisions on which tires are best suited for your car. For example, if you find yourself constantly traveling to areas with varying climates, you may benefit from going with all-season tires. Similarly, if you regularly go off-road, all-terrain tires may be the best option. We also offer a Full Circle Service inspection, where our technicians carefully inspect every corner of your vehicle — including your tires — to identify areas in need of repair and determine the current condition of your car’s systems.

Types of Tire Services

At Hiley Mazda of Fort Worth, we offer our customers a variety of different services to ensure their tires are operating at their fullest potential. Here are some of the most common services your vehicle may require as a Mazda driver:

Tire Rotation

A tire rotation is a common auto service that involves removing your tires and switching their positions. A technician will likely start by removing the tires to inspect where they have the most wear, and then they can use that information to determine how they’ll arrange the tires once they reinstall them. This makes it possible for your tires to have more even wear, allowing them to last longer and create better traction.

Wheel Alignment

A wheel alignment, also called a wheel balance, is a type of tire service where a technician removes the tire and wheel and mounts it on a balancing machine. The machine then spins each wheel repeatedly to locate any weight imbalances. Once they identify an imbalance, they can add a piece of lead on the lighter side of the tire to balance the weight and reduce wear and tear.

Tire Change

Perhaps the most common tire service is a tire change, in which a technician removes your tires and replaces them with new ones. It’s a general recommendation to change your tires at least every six years, regardless of use. Of course, your driving habits and local terrain and climate can also impact the quality of your tires and lead to you needing more frequent tire changes.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs Tire Service

There are various signs you can identify on your own that may indicate your vehicle needs a tire service, including the following:

Tire Pressure Warning Light

Most modern vehicles have a set of dashboard warning lights that go off whenever there’s an issue with your car’s systems. The tire pressure warning light is an easy way to know that at least one of your four tires has an imbalance in tire pressure, which can impact your ability to create traction and control your vehicle on the road.

Cracked Sidewalls

If you notice dry-looking cracks on the side of your tires, this can indicate that the rubber on your tires is drying out. If you leave this untreated, you may experience a tire blowout, which can be dangerous when on the road.

Bumps and Bubbles

If you notice any bumps or bubbles forming on the sidewalls of your tires, this is another sign you’re in need of service. A bump or bubble means that your tire is wearing down, causing air to fill in weak spots, which can also lead to a dangerous blowout.


One of the most obvious signs that your vehicle needs a tire inspection is if you feel your car shaking while you drive. Shaking can indicate a problem with the metal belts within your tires, or it may mean that your wheels are misaligned and need proper balancing.

Poor Traction

If you live in an area with a wet or icy climate, you can often tell that your tires need attention when you have trouble generating traction on these slippery surfaces. This usually indicates that the grooves on your tires have worn down, which eliminates the ability to create traction and can increase your chances of losing control.

Schedule Your Tire Service Today

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends that drivers check their tires on a monthly basis. You can do this by taking your car in for a professional inspection or by inspecting your tires yourself. One of the most common methods for identifying if your tires need service is the penny test, in which you can place a penny inside the tread of your tire and determine if service is necessary based on how much of the penny is visible, along with other visual cues.

Contact us today at Hiley Mazda of Fort Worth to schedule services like a tire inspection, replacement, rotation, or alignment and get your car running at its fullest potential.



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